History of Our Church


Our history goes back to the Hunter family. 

Primarily composed of tidal wetlands with some small hills, the area was inhabited by the Ramaytush and Muwekma Ohlone people prior to the arrival of Spanish missionaries in the 1700s. The district consisted of what the Ohlone people called "shell mounds", which were sacred burial grounds. The land was later colonized in 1775 by Juan Bautista Aguirre.
Later explorers renamed it Beacon Point. For the next several decades it was used as pasture for cattle run by the Franciscan monks at Mission Dolores.[7]

In 1839, the area was part of the 4,446-acre given to José Cornelio Bernal (1796–1842). Following the California Gold Rush, Bernal sold what later became the Bayview–Hunters Point area for real estate development in 1849. Little actual development occurred but Bernal's agents were three brothers, John, Phillip and Robert Hunter, who built their homes and dairy farm on the land (then near the present-day corner of Griffith Street and Oakdale Avenue) and who gave rise to the name Hunters Point.[7]

The Bayview–Hunters Point district was labelled "Southern San Francisco"  not to be confused with the city of South San Francisco further to the south. Mainly a shipyard. The church was moved in 1942 to its current location.

Today Our Lady of Lourdes Church, a simple wooden chapel adorned with carved wooden beams and stained glass images of Martin Luther King, Jr., Sojourner Truth and other black leaders, gathers Catholics to worship every week. One window displays "Donated to Mrs. and Mrs. Hunter, from their children". 

All Hallows Church stands proudly on a hill overlooking Hunters Point for over 100 years. 

Samoa community were evangelized by French missionaries, and their worship combines French elegance and island hospitality. Slow, dignified processions punctuate the Mass. Fresh leis of white and red carnations are carried toward the altar and draped around the necks of honored guests.

A Gospel Mass is celebrated weekly at 10:30 a.m. Gospel Mass, an outburst of African American energy more typical of a Baptist than a Catholic congregation. 

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